Hong Kong Pooey

March 15, 2011 -

John Heald

Bugger! Me and my massive tunnel sized mouth which has yet again made me a resident of S**t Street.

You may remember how a few months ago, in a moment of girly weakness I asked Heidi if there was anything special she would like to do when I got home from the Carnival Splendor. I realised as soon as I had asked the question that I was going to be in trouble and hoped I would get away with something like a romantic dinner at an overpriced restaurant that serves bits of food stacked on top of each other and with a sauce that is drizzled.


Bloggers Cruise 4: Wrap Up Video

March 7, 2011 -

Eric the Beard

Hello Bloggers, Eric the Beard here! I don’t know about you but I’ve just now FINALLY recovered from all the fun that took place on Bloggers Cruise 4 and all of its Glory! (See what I did there?)

To be honest, I was severely deprived of my regular tofu consumption throughout the trip (I totally forgot to pack my emergency tofu kit from home) and towards the end, I have to say I was getting a bit weak in the knees, a little delirious, and my beard even started wilting a bit… it was quite scary. (I think I need to talk with the Food & Beverage Manager about future Lido dining options…)

Outside of Grand Turk — and in front of some almost blindingly blue water — John and Emmet say hello from Bloggers Cruise 4.

Links From the Ship

March 4, 2011 -


Here are a couple of things John didn’t want you to miss while he’s on Bloggers Cruise 4:


John Heald Bloggers Cruise Participants Donate $1,500 to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

That’s amazing! Go bloggers!


Fun Times from Carnival Miracle

There are a whole bunch of Fun Times today from different itineraries. Enjoy!

Bloggers Cruise 4: Evil Crew Meetup

March 3, 2011 -


From aboard Carnival Glory, John Heald fills you in on his Bloggers Cruise 4 meetup with his friends from Big Ed’s Evil Crew.

P.S. For more on the Evil Crew, visit ekonefe-at-uh-word-uh-dot-nevermind… or click this link. :-)


Today, from just outside of St. Thomas, John fills us in on the Bloggers Cruise happenings… and of course, the weather report for all the places he isn’t.

Hello Bloggy People, Eric the Beard here with another video update from Bloggers Cruise 4!

As many of you already know, last night John hosted the Newly Wed show for all of the Carnival Glory guests. Before he hit the stage, however, he caught up with his old friend/Carnival Glory Cruise Director Jorge Solano and shared some great memories and a few good laughs.

Hope you enjoy this inside look and as John likes to say….WYWH.



Bloggers Cruise 4: Sea Day Update

March 1, 2011 -

Eric the Beard

As Day 2 of of Bloggers Cruise 4 starts winding down, John wanted to share a quick video update with all of you from Tea Time onboard the Carnival Glory.

Bloggers Cruise 4: Day One Recap

March 1, 2011 -


If you’re not cruising with John, have a look at what went on yesterday aboard Carnival Glory.

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